Receiving the right legal and financial property advice is as important as buying the right property. Our one-stop-shop approach to property management includes access to a wealth of experts who can guide and grow your business

Whether you are a seasoned property investor or a first-time landlord, tapping into sound professional advice and expertise can help you avoid costly mistakes, minimise risks and maximise the return from your property assets.

It’s not just about having peace of mind – though that’s important: it’s also about gaining the confidence to take bold steps with your assets. Do you expand your portfolio and if so where? Or is now a good time to sell?

The growing legal responsibilities placed on a landlord can also make huge demands on your time and create stress. For those of our clients who take up our fully-managed services, these issues will not be a problem. But if you have chosen a more hands-on approach, AMS can still help.

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However hard you try, it is impossible for one person to keep abreast of the constant changes in market conditions and the regulatory environment. At AMS Housing, we not only have in-house legal and financial expertise, but we also work with a highly-experienced team of solicitors, accountants, tax specialists, insurance brokers, and independent mortgage and financial advisors who offer our clients vital advice and consultancy services.

Part of our mission is to simplify life for our clients. It’s why we give you access to an integrated team of property specialists when you need it, helping to save you valuable time and money. Here are some of the areas our experts can assist you with:

  • Getting your tax affairs in order and keeping your tax bills to a minimum
  • Choosing the right mortgage
  • Ensuring your property is adequately insured
  • Lease extensions
  • Acquisitions and disposing of assets
  • Commercial or overseas investments
  • Asset and wealth management
  • Compliance and licensing requirements for landlords
  • Dealing with problem tenants
  • Understanding landlords’ and tenants’ rights

Client Testimonial

When I started out as a landlord I was a little wet behind the ears. I wanted to learn everything I could to make a success of my property investments. The agents I first dealt with were unwilling to give me their time or advice. I started to look elsewhere and was introduced to Sylvia at AMS Housing. I instantly felt valued: he took the time to listen and to explain things to me. The extra knowledge and sound advice I gleaned from AMS has been invaluable, giving me the confidence to grow my property portfolio. I still rely on their expertise because you can’t beat speaking to an expert when you need a bit of advice. Thank you!

James Andre, Southend