At the heart of any well-run business are intelligent management systems. Our software solutions save landlords time and offer certainty by maintaining vital records and processes through an easy-to-use mobile app.

For landlords, the complexities of managing property are growing all the time. You not only have to communicate with multiple parties (existing and prospective tenants, agents, builders, local authorities,…) over a host of tasks and issues, but also comply with numerous regulations. With so much going on, it is easy to forget something important – and that can be extremely costly for a landlord.

AMS Housing is constantly seeking solutions that simplify life for our clients, and our new mobile app is perfect for landlords on the go. Whether your properties are fully managed by us or you prefer to manage your properties directly, this app can transform the way you work.

Property management made easy

Our technology partners have created an innovative digital property management system, which boasts a comprehensive set of tools, yet is very easy-to-use. The software has been developed with busy landlords in mind, and can be accessed via the web and mobile devices.

Landlords can invite other users to engage with them on specific jobs, and because the functionality is all online there is a clear audit trail covering any actions undertaken and messages exchanged. You can use the app to create new contracts, issue notices, let your tenants know the progress on concerns they have raised, manage financial reports and integrate these with your accounting software.

property software solutions

The app is vital for landlords who take a more hands-on approach to their properties because it streamlines their work and brings it all under one roof. Yet even those AMS clients whose property portfolio we fully manage love the app: its tracking facilities give them peace-of-mind as they know we are on top of everything. Landlords can see exactly what is going on and that important deadlines are being met.

The tools

Our property app is powered by an attractive dashboard with icons, and an easy-to-use interface. New features are being added all the time. Here are some of the fantastic management tools currently at a landlord’s fingertips:

  • Property portfolio: add or remove properties and units
  • Find tenants
  • Produce tenancy agreements
  • Arrange viewings
  • Carry out inspections
  • Organise repairs
  • Oversee the progress of live jobs
  • Maintain inventories
  • Collect rent
  • Serve notices
  • Track issues
  • Receive reminders to act

Signing up

The app is free for all our fully-managed clients and available to other landlords for a small monthly fee (£10 per month) that you can end at any time. There is a one-off charge for AMS to customise the app to ensure its functionality is geared to support a landlord’s specific needs and we will also show you how to use the system. We and our technology partners are then available to assist you with any further questions you have about using the app.

We promise you once you use it, you will never look back.

Client Testimonial

I missed a deadline for serving notice to my tenants to move out of a property that I was selling. It meant that I was delayed in moving them out for another month and the chain almost broke down. There were a lot of phone calls backwards and forwards to resolve the situation and I thought I would have to start again at one stage. I was so cross with myself. I had seen on the internet about property management software but I was reluctant to buy online. I spoke to AMS Housing and Sylvia talked me through the different options available, including the one they recommend. I was grateful that she took the time to help me find the right solution for me. I now never miss an important deadline because the software AMS recommended helps me to manage the properties I have. Why can’t other agents be like this?

Jack Edwards, Bristol.